Travel medicine

  • consultation before travel and vaccination
  • diagnosis and treatment of imported diseases
  • examination for Canada
  • certificates in foreign language

we offer vaccination only in Bratislava

Consultation before travel and vaccination

Optimal time for pretravel consultation is 4-8 weeks before departure, in long-term travel sooner. But even last minute travelers should not miss consultation. 

  • depending on the destination, the nature of the trip, the length of the stay and your state of health we will draw up an individual vaccination plan for you
  • we will provide all recommended and required vaccinations and mandatory vaccination, we will issue an International Vaccination Card
  • we will advice how to reduce risk off illness during the trip (infections, altitude sickness, jet-lag, venous thrombosis)
  • we will help with the equipment of the first aid kit also for extreme situations and adventurous expeditions 

Before a long-term stay or when traveling to remote areas, it is advisable to undergo a dental examination, as well as gynecological for women.

If you suffer from a chronic illness, visit the appropriate specialist before your trip, and ask for a recommendation and prescription of medication in case of deterioration of your health during your stay abroad.

Our clinic provides vaccination in Bratislava.


Diagnosis and treatment of imported diseases

For employers: 

We provide a complete examination of employees after returning from abroad.

For travelers: 

We provide consultations and examinations in case of health problems after return. 

If you have common short-term health problems after your return (respiratory, diarrhea, minor skin infections) –  visit your general practitioner after a previous telephone appointment. 

If you have fever above 38°C after returning from a malarious area, it is advisable to rule out malaria.

As we do not have contracts with insurance companies, we only provide examinations for direct payment, laboratory examinations according to the laboratory´s price list.

Medical exam for permanent resident applicants – Canada

Our doctors are authorized to perform an immigration medical examination (IME) for Canada. You should complete it within 30 days of receiving the instruction.

If you are applying for the Express Entry Program, you can undergo a medical examination in advance, the so-called  ´upfront medical exam´.

What to bring:

  • proper identification – at least 1 government-issued document with your photograph and signature, such as a passport or national identity card
  • eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them
  • any medical reports or test results that you have for any previous or existing medical conditions
  • a list of your current medications
  • the Medical Report form (IMM 1017E), if you don’t get an upfront medical exam

Bring any proof of previous vaccination for COVID-19, if you have one.

More details HERE

After completing the examination, you will receive a confirmation of its completion. The results are sent electronically to Canadian emedical.

  • Panel Doctors
  • City: Bratislava

Name: Azzaden Shunnar
Address: Travel Health Clinic SRO,
Poliklinika Tehelna, 26 Tehelna,
Telephone: (421) 905-742898
Spoken Languages: Arabic, English, Slovak

City: Bratislava
Name: Silvia Dobrodenkova
Address: Travel Health Clinic SRO,
Poliklinika Tehelna,
Tehelna 26,
Telephone: (421) 905 742 898
Spoken Languages: English, Russian


we issue certificates according countries requirements 

HIV certificate

´fit to fly´ 

SARS-Cov 2 vaccination and test certificate

helath status certificates, vaccination certificates 


Passion for travel medicine comes from passion to travel.

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