(4) Pursuant to Section 12 par. 2 letter c), Section 48 par. 4 letter t) and Section 51 par. 1
letter c) of the Act, the persons under par. 1 and 2 shall be obliged
a) to register at the latest immediately upon entry into the Slovak Republic at the
b) during their stay in the territory of the Slovak Republic to be able to submit a
confirmation under letter a) to members of the Police Force of the Slovak Republic,
c) undergo a laboratory diagnosis of COVID-19 on the eighth day of isolation in the
home environment or in a quarantine accommodation facility at the earliest,
d) children under the age of ten shall undergo a diagnosis of COVID-19 if so determined
by the relevant regional public health authority or healthcare provider who provides
healthcare in the paediatric specialization and with whom the child has a healthcare
agreement concluded.

For foreign police

Examination for foreigners

  • without waiting
  • we provide all examinations in one day  – blood test, medical exam, chest X-ray, other examinations if necessary
  • professional staff
  • we speak english, russian, ukrainian, arabic, hungarian language
  • payment in cash or by card
  • report will be sent to you or to foreign poloce department
  • report will be issued in maximum 5 days

How to make an appointment for examination requested by foreign police?

Please contact us by phone or e-mail, for examination we will need your name, date of birth, nationality and passport number, so we can prepare all necessary documents in advance.

Contact us   HERE


Passion for travel medicine comes from passion to travel.

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