Complex services

  • consultations, examinations and treatment of infectious diseases

  • drug prescription, lab exams 

  • RTG, USG

  • health certificate for work in the food industry

When you are traveling and don´t have your doctor, we are ready to help you. 
Consultations and treatment of infectious diseases, even common diseases, prescription of drugs that you use, blood sampling, RTG, USG, certificates …
  • Complex medical examination 30€
  • Consultation up to 10 min 15€
  • Blood sampling  5€
  • Injection  5€
  • Prescription 5€
  • Infusion 15€
  • Health certificate for work in the food industry 15€ (+ 20€ for extern clients)
  • chest RTG 18€
  • USG abdomen 56€
  • Other TG a USG exams price list here TU


Passion for travel medicine comes from passion to travel.

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